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Investor Relations

Investor Relations
Based in China, serving the world!Gardensun provides different solutions to meet diverse needs of different customers.
Project specialists listen and understand the needs of customers, with professional value and industry experience with customers to explore and develop the most suitable solution; The production engineers study and develop the best manufacturing processes. After-sales service staffs interview with customers regularly. They listen the views and solve various problems in a timely manner. They continue to improve with the relevant departments and get customer's satisfaction.
In China, Gardensun's service network covers the main city and meets customer's demand instantly; Gardensun adopts the international mode of operation. Its value is to create greater value for you!

Gardensun sincerely look forward to working with the following enterprises to realize altogether wins and create the future!
Stainless steel products factory (company)
Stainless steel medical instrument factory (company)
Stainless steel pipe factory (company)
Stainless steel plate factory (company)
Chemical Equipment Factory (company) 

And engaged in stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings, stainless steel electrical connections, stainless steel liner, the box, and other corrosion resistance, anti-bacterial requirements of the production enterprises, metal surface processing enterprises

cooperation way
1, exclusive technology industry
2, product technology exclusive
3, technology transfer
4, technology promotion agency region
5, set up factories by shares
6, processing
7, set up the production line cooperatively
8, product sales agent

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